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Underwriting is an essential process used by mortgage lenders to evaluate the risk of granting a home loan. It involves thoroughly assessing your financial stability, credit history, and property value to determine your loan repayment ability. The goal is to make responsible lending decisions while minimizing potential risks. Lenders consider income stability, creditworthiness, debt-to-income ratio, and employment history. The underwriting process can be manual or automated, crucial in deciding whether your mortgage application gets approved. Understanding underwriting helps you prepare and increase your chances of securing a home loan successfully.

Many organizations are turning to outsourcing as a solution to optimize accuracy and reduce turnaround times (TATs). As a trusted and leading provider of mortgage underwriting services, we offer a comprehensive range of support solutions to clients worldwide. By partnering with us, you gain access to a team of seasoned professionals with deep expertise in mortgage underwriting. Our professionals combine their extensive knowledge with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that our services are compliant and accurate.



Our Mortgage Underwriting SupportServices

  • Loss Mitigation Assistance
  • Loan Modification Assistance
  • Mortgage Origination Underwriting Support

Why Choose Our Mortgage Underwriting Services?

Experienced Underwriters

At Aspire Globus, we have experts having years of experience. They have a deep understanding of industry guidelines, loan programs, and risk assessment, ensuring accurate and thorough evaluations of loan applications.

Reduced TAT

Our team of experienced underwriters brings efficiency to mortgage underwriting, resulting in a reduced turnaround time for loan processing.We prioritize timely decision-making while maintaining uncompromised quality.

Data Security

At Aspire Globus, we understand the paramount importance of data security. Thus, we have implemented robust security measures that adhere to the highest industry standards to safeguard your confidential information.


The demand for mortgage underwriting services can fluctuate, especially during peak times. Our team can increase our work capacity by up to 50% during the busy period ensuring your underwriting needs are promptly met.

24/7 Support

We offer round the clock support. Our customer support teams and project managers are available round the clock via email or phone, ensuring prompt and responsive assistance for any inquiries or concerns you may have.


At Aspire, we understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in outsourced underwriting services. That's why we offer a range of affordable pricing options to cater to our clients' varying budget and business needs.

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Mortgage Processing Support

  • Outsourcing mortgage underwriting allows lenders to reduce costs by eliminating the need for a permanent, full-time underwriting team. By leveraging specialized external underwriters, lenders can achieve abundant financial savings.

  • Outsourcing mortgage underwriting services enables lenders to easily scale their operations based on demand. By leveraging external professionals, lenders can handle complex files and increase their underwriting capacity as needed.

  • Outsourcing underwriting reduces errors by leveraging systems that eliminate inconsistencies, redundancies, and negligence. Lenders can trust in a thoroughly vetted underwriting process, minimizing losses and improving efficiency.

  • Outsourcing underwriting helps mortgage lenders avoid downtime by accessing a larger pool of skilled professionals who can process more loans. Scaling the outsourcing team based on demand prevents backlogs and ensures faster turnaround times.

  • Outsourcing provides lenders with access to seasoned professionals possessing industry experience. They stay updated with regulations, reducing the risk of penalties. Lenders can benefit from best approaches employed by outsourcing partners.

  • Outsourcing enhances customer retention by significantly reducing processing time. Accelerating the mortgage loan closing allows borrowers to experience faster approval times, reducing their frustration and improving their overall experience.


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Frequently AskedQuestions

  • What is the Mortgage Underwriting Process?

    The mortgage underwriting process involves evaluating a borrower's financial information, verifying documents, assessing creditworthiness, appraising the property, and making a decision on loan approval. It is a crucial step in the mortgage application process to determine eligibility and assess risk.

  • What are the safety measures to ensure data security?

    When outsourcing mortgage underwriting services, it is essential to implement robust safety measures to ensure data security. These measures include establishing confidentiality agreements, An experienced outsourcing firm like us will always prioritize data security and confidentiality.